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10 Fantastic Yoga Retreats In Florida

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Florida is popular for its amusement parks, zoos, and aquariums, but there’s another side to this beautiful state. There’s also a plethora of yoga retreats in Florida where visitors stretch, practice meditation and learn breathing techniques.

If you’re looking for a tropical yoga vacation without leaving the United States, a trip to the Floridian peninsula is just what you need. Whether you’re looking for a ladies yoga retreat in Miami or a fabulous mother-daughter yoga holiday, Florida has everything you’re looking for.

The Sunshine State is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. So, pack your bags and get ready for a unique experience with one of these amazing yoga retreats in Florida.

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5 reasons to go on a yoga retreat in Florida

If you are wondering why you should choose the Sunshine State as your next destination, we’ve rounded up 5 reasons to go on a yoga holiday in Florida.

1. The weather is amazing

With more than 200 days of sunshine per year, Florida is definitely one of the best states to go on a yoga retreat.

In Florida, the weather is warm and sunny for the majority of the year. If you are going on a yoga retreat near a beach and plan on enjoying water activities, you’ll have a fantastic time.

The best time to go on a yoga retreat in Florida is from the end of November to mid-May. At this time of the year, the weather is perfect and you can practice yoga outside. That’s a good way to reconnect with nature while getting the benefits of sunshine.

2. The beaches are stunning 

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact, many yoga retreats are located on the coast, and usually offer extra activities such as diving or paddleboarding.

If you want to combine beach and yoga on your holiday, Florida is definitely the state for you. Here, you can walk on miles of soft white sand and swim in the warm waters of the Peninsula after a good session of stretching. 

The beaches in this state are incredible. But the most famous and beautiful beach in Florida is Sarasota’s Siesta Public Beach which is located on the western side. It’s even more perfect at sunset.

There are also beautiful beaches along the Atlantic coast such as Miami Beach, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale Beach. This side tends to be slightly less crowded than the Gulf side, but it is more popular with surfers.

yoga retreat florida key west

3. There are plenty of natural sites

Located only 30 miles from Miami, the Everglades is probably the most popular national park in the state. However, there are many other fantastic parks you should consider visiting in Florida.

Florida is home to over 200 national parks, forests and wildlife refuges. If you are interested in nature, choose a yoga retreat located near one of these parks, so you can explore in your free time.

Hiking and visiting the amazing parks is the best way to discover what Florida has to offer. Put on some sunscreen, your hat, and your sunglasses and get ready to explore the beautiful nature of this incredible state.

If you want to enjoy a trip to nature on your yoga holiday, here are some places we recommend visiting in your free time :

  • The Everglades
  • Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park
  • Blowing Rocks Preserve
  • Devil’s Den
  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park
  • Big Shoals State Park
  • Florida Caverns State Park
  • Bulow Creek State Park

4. The wildlife is incredible

Florida is rich in wildlife and is home to hundreds of different species of animals. If you want to see turtles, manatees, alligators or dolphins, Florida is the place to be. 

To discover wildlife, you can check what animals can be spotted near your retreat location. There might be a national park, reef, wildlife refuge or even remote islands not too far away. These are the best places to admire the incredible wildlife in Florida.

If seeing wildlife is one of your principal interests, we suggest checking the location of the yoga retreats before booking. Those that include outdoor activities such as hiking or diving might give you the opportunity to see wild animals.

manatee florida

5. You can enjoy outdoor activities

Going on a yoga retreat doesn’t mean you’ll be doing yoga all day. You can also take this time to explore the area. And lucky for you, the good weather makes it easy to enjoy outdoor activities in Florida.

Popular outdoor activities in Florida include hiking in a National Park, birdwatching, swimming, diving, paddleboarding, visiting Butterfly World and exploring botanical gardens.

If you prefer cultural activities, you can check out the Art Basel festival, the Opera House, and the Castillo de San Marcos.

10 fantastic yoga retreats in Florida

We chose these yoga holidays based on our personal experience, customer reviews and value for money. So, here are 10 fantastic yoga retreats in Florida you should book now:

1. 3 Days R&R Yoga Retreat in Florida, USA – Ayurveda Health Retreat

Ayurveda health retreat florida

Credit: Ayurveda Health Retreat

Availability: All year

From $790

Find relaxation and healing with this yoga retreat offered by Ayurveda Health Retreat. This three days retreat is the perfect getaway for a rejuvenating weekend away from stress.

Highlights of this retreat include daily yoga and meditation sessions, two-hour Ayurvedic massage treatments and home-cooked Ayurvedic vegetarian meals. With excellent service and friendly staff, this retreat has everything you need to spend a relaxing weekend. 

Located in the beautiful town of Alachua, this retreat is perfect for individuals who want to reconnect and restore their energies. On top of that, you’ll get to stay in a beautiful private guest room on the property.


2. 4 Days Sail and Yoga Retreat in Florida, USA – Paradise Yoga Sailing Retreats

paradise yoga sailing retreat florida

Credit: Paradise Yoga Sailing Retreats

Availability: All year

From $2,800

Enjoy a peaceful getaway with this 4 days sail and yoga retreat in Florida. Organized by Paradise Yoga Sailing Retreats, this amazing holiday combines yoga and sailing activities for a unique experience.

On this retreat, you’ll get to practice yoga and meditation every morning. Also, you’ll learn how to sail and explore the beautiful turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbeans. This retreat will keep you aligned and healthy.

For this exceptional experience, you’ll be staying in one of the boat’s comfortable cabins. This yoga and sailing retreat is perfect for those who want to experience an unforgettable yoga holiday!


3. 4 Days Invoking Your Inner Goddess Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Key West Florida, USA – Full Circle Yoga School

full yoga circle florida keys yoga retreat

Credit: Full Circle Yoga School

Availability: All year

From $2,499

This amazing luxury yoga retreat organized by Full Circle Yoga School is one of our favorites in Florida. This retreat in the Florida Keys is designed to heal your body, mind, and soul. The goal is to find your inner goddess and return to your center while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Key West.

Your program includes daily yoga classes, and the opportunity to enjoy the scenic surroundings. This yoga holiday is suitable for yogis of all skill levels. At this retreat, you’ll practice Hatha yoga.

This spiritual yoga retreat also includes private sessions like palmistry reading, aromatherapy or crystal grid making. There are many other options to choose from. As for accommodation, you’ll stay in a bed and breakfast in Key West.


4. 7 Day Personalized Yoga Holiday in Florida – Casa Calm

casa calm yoga center florida

Credit: Casa Calm

Availability: All year

From $894

If you’re looking for a personalized yoga retreat, head to this one organized by Casa Calm. At Casa Calm, everything is tailored to your needs and the retreat revolves around you. 

Highlights of this retreat include daily private yoga sessions, access to a heated pool and spa, and daily breakfast. On top of that, each day of the retreat includes an hour of yoga instruction which you can schedule at any time of the day.

Offering lots of personalized attention, this retreat is great for those you want to set their own schedule. Additionally, this retreat offers no restrictions on alcohol and includes wifi and Netflix.


5. 6 Days Meditation and Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in Florida, USA – Zen Den Yoga School

zen den yoga school florida

Credit: Zen Den Yoga School

Availability: All year

From $800

This yoga retreat in Florida hosted by Zen Den Yoga School is one of the most popular yoga retreats in the area. This retreat provides the perfect environment to practice the yoga lifestyle.

Zen Den Yoga School teaches different yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga. Your program includes yoga and meditation classes, shamanic breathwork and one complimentary massage. On top of that, you’ll also get one complimentary acupuncture session.

As for accommodation, you’ll stay in one of the shared or private rooms. You can use bicycles to explore nearby attractions and enjoy the beach.


6. 4 Days Key West Anxiety Relief Yoga Retreat in Florida, USA – Full Circle Yoga School

full circle yoga school florida keys

Credit: Full Circle Yoga School

Availability: All year

From $2,799

Full Circle Yoga School is one of the most popular retreat centers in the Florida Keys. This 4 days retreat is designed to help you release anxiety and clear your soul.

The program of this unique retreat incorporates a combination of yoga and healing sessions. You can choose between several courses including trauma release, manifest your best life, freedom from depression and more. On top of that, you can enjoy an hour of massage at the Prana Spa.

This retreat is perfect for individuals who want to try a life-changing and transformative experience designed for healing anxiety and depression.


7. 4 Day Mother-Daughter Yoga Retreat in Florida, USA – Casa Calm

casa calm florida

Credit: Casa Calm

Availability: All year

From $894

Do you want to experience a mother-daughter retreat? then, head to Casa Calm and enjoy yoga and meditation classes for the two of you. 

Highlights of this retreat include daily yoga and meditation classes, daily breakfast and a chance to explore the beautiful area. In your free time, you can head to the beach, go kayaking, swimming or biking. 

This retreat teaches Hatha yoga and is suitable for all skill levels. As for accommodation, each of you will have a private room with upscale amenities including wifi, Netflix, a mini-fridge and free bottled water.


8. 4 Days Loving Yoga on the Beach Ladies Yoga Retreat Destin, Florida USA – Summerwind

summerwind ladies retreat florida

Credit: Summerwind

Availability: April, September, November

From $759

This yoga retreat offered by Summerwind is really popular in Florida. Taking place in Destin, near the crystal clear water of the Gulf of Mexico, this beautiful yoga holiday is the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate.

This women-only yoga retreat includes the services of a certified holistic health coach. On top of that, you’ll also enjoy daily yoga classes, a champagne reception, and nutrient-dense clean meals.

As for accommodation, you can choose to stay in Summerwind’s luxury accommodation or at Mermaids in Miramar Beach. Head to this retreat if you want to relax for a few days, rejuvenate your soul and make new friends.


9. 4 Days Wellness Yoga Holiday in Florida, USA – Ayurveda Health Retreat

ayurveda health retreat florida

Credit: Ayurveda Health Retreat

Availability: All year

From $525

This authentic retreat is based on Ayurvedic therapies. It is designed to help you rest, relax and restore. It is one of the best yoga retreats in Florida offered this year.

Located in Alachua, this retreat is perfect for those who want to enjoy the natural springs in the area. Your program also includes Ayurvedic vegetarian meals, daily Hatha yoga, and meditation classes.

This retreat offers nothing fancy and really focuses on you. If you only have a few days to enjoy a retreat, we definitely recommend choosing this one.


10. 15 Days 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Florida – Yogi Hari’s Ashram

yogi hari's ashram. teacher training program floridajpg

Credit: Yogi Hari’s Ashram

Availability: All year

From $1,500

This yoga teacher training in Florida is the most popular in the state. Indeed, it is hosted by Shri Yogi Hari, a master of Sampoorna yoga. It is a fantastic chance to study with one of the few living yoga masters in the world.

At this retreat, you’ll study Ayurveda, Hatha, and Nada yoga, and also breathing techniques. At the end of the two weeks, you’ll receive a certificate for the Sampoorna yoga teacher training courses which is registered with yoga alliance.

After completion of this program, you will have the necessary knowledge and experience to teach yoga to anyone. On top of that, you will also experience personal transformation and deepen your yoga practice.

Your curriculum includes the traditional learnings of asanas, anatomy in relation to yoga, sound vibrations, and Vedanta philosophy. If you’ve been looking to complete your yoga teacher training in the USA, this is the one we recommend.


Bottom line

With beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife and amazing yoga studios, Florida definitely is the perfect state for a yoga retreat in the USA. 

In fact, there are many good reasons to choose Florida for your next yoga vacation. Whether you want to relax for a few days or try a yoga teacher training program, in Florida you’ll definitely find the best yoga holiday for you. 

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat in Florida? Let us know in the comments below!

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